Breast thermography is a 15 minute, painless, no radiation, 100% non-invasive imaging of physiology

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Thermography is a type of medical imaging, using a special infrared camera, that detects temperature changes and heat patterns in the body. It is a highly sensitive study of the largest, most intelligent and most available organ of the body; the skin. The temperature patterns in a healthy and balanced body are nearly the same across the entire body. The Thermographic imaging system is an economical, easy to use tool for examining and monitoring patients quickly and accurately.


Breast Thermography is a painless, non-invasive exam that doesn’t use any radiation, and is relatively quick. It is a beneficial procedure that tracks temperature modifications in the breast. Thermography is an outstanding adjunct imaging procedure for women of any age. It is specifically helpful for females that tend to have denser breast tissue, where mammography could be less efficient.
Breast Thermography takes images of the breast from the base of the neck, below the arms and includes the entire chest area. Unlike Mammography, which takes images of the breast that can be photographed between the two compression plates. Thermography helps females with all size breasts, including very small breasts and is completely safe for breast implant patients because there is no compression or radiation.


Natural Health Thermography offers one of the most innovative Breast Thermography imaging, as well as Full Body imaging, services in the state of Michigan. All of our staff are ACCT certified clinical thermographers. Our Thermography camera is Course 1, FDA cleared clinical tool with a 510(k)-clearance number K003332 which creates photos that record over 80,000 temperature levels in each image. We use Clinical Physicians, specifically trained in Thermography, to create our reports. These reports will advise patients when it is necessary to consult with your healthcare professional for additional assessment.
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We provide each of our patients with the following…

  • Convenience, we travel because our camera is portable
  • A safe and comfortable environment
  • Friendly, courteous, certified and knowledgeable owner and staff
  • Actual pictures, not a generic graph
  • All images are interpreted and come with a written report by an M.D.
  • Thermography is our only service
  • Radiation free and non-invasive imaging
  • Painless and compression free imaging
  • Thermography works even if you have breast implants
  • Service works on dense or fibrocystic breast tissue
  • Our camera provides over 80,000 temperatures per image
  • Providing health care for the last 20 plus years
  • The area’s best Breast and Full Body Thermography imaging in West MI


FULL BODY  PREP Instructions

  1. Bring the completed forms to your appointment.  There should be 4 pages.
  2. Once you shower either the night before or the morning of your appointment, do not put anything on your skin.  This means NO LOTIONS, NO MAKE UP, NO UNDER ARM DEODORANT.  Nothing at all on the skin, anywhere on the body.  You can use eye make up and lip stick.
  3. NO EXERCISE for Three Hours before your appointment.
  4. Eating is fine.  There are no eating restrictions

BREAST  PREP Instructions

  1. Bring the completed forms to your appointment.  You do not need to complete the “Full Body Questionnaire” since we will only be imaging the breast area.
  2. Once you shower either the night before or the morning of your appointment, do not put anything on your skin in the chest area or underneath your arms.  This means NO LOTIONS, NO UNDER ARM DEODORANT.
  3. NO EXERCISE for Three Hours before your appointment.
  4. Eating is fine.  There are no eating restrictions.

How Thermography Works and the Process

You should finish the forms that are available on our internet site/web page or that have been emailed to you. If you scheduled for a Complete Body Scan, please fill in all the blanks on the full body form. If you are scheduled for a Breast Thermography exam, you do not need to complete the “Full Body Questionnaire.”

When you show up at the clinic, you will be provided a gown to put on and wear during the exam.  Our Qualified Clinical Thermographer will take your pictures. For the breast Thermography, this will be 5 or 6 images; and 25 to 30 photos for a Full Body Medical Thermography appointment. The appointment length is 20 mins for a Breast Imaging and about 35 mins for a Complete Body Thermography Appointment.

The Thermographer will show you the images she recorded and also clarify some fundamentals about thermography.   We want to make sure you thoroughly understand all the images and also answer any questions you might have regarding those images.

When you leave our clinic, your images will be forwarded to the analyzing M.D. The doctor’s report will be sent to us, usually in 4 to 5 days. We will then review the doctor’s report and also write a cover letter pointing out issues that need further evaluation or more attention.

We will send you a duplicate of your record using UNITED STATES Mail or Email. We will additionally mail a copy of your outcome to your Healthcare Professional if you select.

Please bring your physician’s mailing address to your consultation. We have found that greater than 25 percent of the medical professional’s addresses on the internet is inaccurate.  Also, this will guarantee that your doctor is getting your report in a timely style.

How is Digital Infrared Imaging different?

Mammography, ultrasound, and MRI depend on finding a physical tumor while Thermography detects the heat produced by increased blood flow to dysfunctional areas in the body. Tissue temperature change is one of the first things that occur in the disease process. Thermography is based on recording temperatures.

Use this embed code for YouTube video add below How is digital Infrared…

Thermography is Best for Large, Small or Dense Breasts

By Dr. Carla Garcia, DOM – Reprinted with Permission from Dr. Garcia

Normally dense breast tissue prevents accurate mammogram results. Mammography screens for increased tissue density and it is difficult to discern the difference between normally dense tissue and the dense tissue that develops with breast cancer. Thermography images heat patterns. Mammograms screen for increased tissue density which does not occur until much later in the disease process. Breast size or dense tissue do not affect thermography results. Thermography converts the heat emitted from the body into color images. This means that increased areas of heat are visible on an image and are usually an indication for inflammation.

Thermography can image any area of the body but is most commonly used in breast imaging. Women are more familiar with x-rays or mammography for breast imaging. Mammograms compress each breast between two plates and x-ray photons are passed through the tissue to create an image. “X-ray photons carry enough energy to ionize atoms and disrupts molecular bonds. This makes it a type of ionizing radiation, and therefore harmful to living tissue.”

Mammograms and x-rays appear in gradations of white, gray and black. The images produced are depending on the density or x-ray absorption rate of the tissue. Dense tissue absorbs more radiation and appears white on an x-ray.

Soft tissue absorbs less radiation and appears gray on an x-ray. The cancerous areas on a mammograms usually appear white just as the dense areas do. This is the reason The American Cancer Society says mammograms are not the best imaging method for dense breast tissue.

Warmer temperatures appear as warmer colors (red, orange) on the image and are an indication of increased blood flow or inflammation. Increased blood flow can also precede tumor growth. Cancer recruits its own blood supply by growing new blood vessels, also known as angiogenesis, to feed itself. These newly grown blood vessels bring increased heat to the area. According to Life Extension Magazine, “Angiogenesis is a key factor that facilitates the growth of cancer and it is this biological feature of cancer on which thermography is based.


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